C1555_R190_bg-content-welcomemat1Jose Wejebe “Spanish Fly” Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization under the tax-exempt code, and headquartered in Summerland Key Florida.  The mission of the Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation is to honor Jose’s legacy by making fishing dreams come true for those who face life-impacting challenges.

“The Spanish Fly Spirit lives in all of us.”

It’s a Buoy!

Jose being a grandfather was something we joked about often over the years. To him, becoming a grandfather implied the inevitable: that I was grown and that he, whether he wanted to admit it or not, was getting older. Well, it’s happened! I am Jose’s only child and at 32 am pregnant with our first baby. My husband David […]

Krissy Wejebe (left) of the Jose Wejebe Memorial Foundation and Larry Rencken of Raymarine (right) present the Jose Wejebe Saltwater MVP Award to Carter “Big Boy” Andrews

Carter Andrews Chosen as Recipient for Inaugural Jose Wejebe Saltwater Most Valuable Pro Award from Raymarine

The Jose Wejebe Memorial Foundation is pleased to share that renowned angler, guide and television personality Carter ‘Big Boy’ Andrews has been awarded the Jose Wejebe Most Valuable Saltwater Pro Award from Raymarine, a world leader in high-performance marine electronics. Two MVP awards were added to the long standing Pro Ambassador of the Year recognition […]

Peter's son Niles and Jose

Jose and Peter Miller

Jose inspired me in so many ways. We all knew that Jose was a great fisherman, that much was obvious. But, what really struck me, was his willingness to stop and chat and really listen to what people had to say. In the midst of adoring fans and photo ops, he would block it all […]

Stories of Jose by Captain Jim Sharpe

When I first met Jose I realized he had a special ability to study the anatomy, habits and actions of fish, and would then adopt a technique to catch them. For example when he looked at a Tarpon he saw a fish with eyes and mouth turned upward. This told Jose a Tarpon likes to feed […]

Jose Tarpon Hang

Jose Takes a Stand Against Killing Fish for Mounts

Getting fish mounted brought in extra money from commissions. There was however a problem. Jose never liked killing a fish that wasn’t going to be eaten. Some anglers thought that a dead fish was essential to the mount—–WRONG. In reality the fish were measured and tossed into a dumpster. Jose talked to other guides, and […]

Aussie Day 4-6 012  5X7

The Guys Behind the Scenes of Spanish Fly

“Jose  was all about sharing the fishing experience.” -Mike McKinnis, Co-Producer of Spanish Fly, and Director of the Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation I always claimed we had “front row seats” to the greatest show on earth. That show was the “The Spanish Fly!” Every trip was a dynamic display of talent, art and […]