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  1. Debby Daly - Michael LaMore - Andrea Daly - William Daly III
    Debby Daly - Michael LaMore - Andrea Daly - William Daly III May 20, 2013 at 4:16 pm |

    Dear Krissy, Jose Wejebe Foundation and Islamorada Community – My heart will be forever grateful and touched by the open armed welcome my grandson Michael LaMore received during spring break in your community. The excitement from those around Michael – to shake Michael’s hand, pat him on the back, smile and laugh with him, to hug him and enjoy his good sense of humor, his shyness and upbeat out look on each and every day. Krissy gave Michael, his mom, cousin William and I many, many gifts from Under Armour, Shimano, Yeti Coolers, Chasing Fin ..Costa Sunglasses, dinners each evening at local resturants located on the Bay with gorgous sunsets of purple/gold and even a Moon Rise!! I close my eyes and I see Michael with the smile that warms my heart from those days deep sea fishing and being given a wonderful opportunity – a gift of love from Jose Wejebe’s Memorial Foundation and Make a Wish, a gift that will last my lifetime. Michael has asked to return someday and catch that Dolphin he dreams of and have more time shopping in the Worldwide Sportsman Shop. Thank you Krissy!! Michael says “Thank you for a dream come true 3 day fishing trip and week real vacation with his family”!

  2. William Daly III
    William Daly III April 24, 2014 at 2:22 pm |

    This is to Krissy and the entire foundation and community. I am William, Michael’s Cousin, I came back today on my free time to re-live the amazing adventure you all gave the four of us. (this amazing trip, the trip of a life-time!) That trip that you all so generously gave us still runs through my mind to this day! I still remember and feel the complete euphoria I felt and I still have replays of all the wonderful moments! Every second was better than the last, from the moment we were packing to get there, all the way to the moment we got back home. All the time we spent there was put to use and there was never a dull moment, you all gave us more than I could ever fathom and I can not thank you enough for that. You made two wishes happen on that trip you gave us; my cousins wish, and my own; to see him happier than ever before, and you actually made it happen. You guys always had us smiling, so much that we were actually smiling while sleeping. You fed us five star meals, took us shopping, we went fishing, and slept in a nice cozy house that was bigger than I could ever think of, and you had us do anything we ever wanted, it was almost too good to be real and I don’t think anything would ever be able to top that trip, it was a once in a life time trip that I am sure anyone would give up everything for, and you all gave it to us for one thing. A child’s smile. What you guys did for us is truly amazing and I will never be able to thank you enough. Ever. We all had fun and I will never give up this memory, this trip was the exact definition of a utopia and no matter how tough life gets I know I am always able to go back and remember that week you gave us, and then everything goes from dreary to happy. Thank you so very much! I hope one day I am able to help people the same way that you all do.

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