Amanda’s Trip with JWMF and SeaDek

*UPDATE: Amanda’s trip has been postponed, but we’re still raising funds to make this a fishing trip to look forward to!*

Amanda was just 13 months old when she was in a car accident and suffered brain damage. As a result, her left arm doesn’t work properly. She has three brothers – ages 21, 19 and 14 – and they share a special bond through the outdoors and fishing, but it can be a challenge for Amanda.

We’re hosting a trip for her and her family to drive down and fish in the Keys on April 10-15. Please consider donating at to make this a wonderful experience for all, and to give Amanda the skills and confidence to enjoy the outdoors with her family! If you can’t at this time, please share her story to continue the support.

With the help of Courtney Marie Martin – a firefighter, hunter, angler, conservationist, and artist -who’s also lost mobility in her arm, we have the opportunity to teach Amanda ways to adapt her fishing technique, figuring out what will work best for her condition. We need your help to bring Amanda and her family on a fishing trip of a lifetime in the keys! Thank you!