Veterans at the Yacht Club

December 7, 2015 Veterans Trip

Our second trip of December began with Fred’s arrival. A big house was donated to us to accommodate everyone, and we didn’t want it to go to waste.   It’s first come, first serve so Fred got the biggest room. I heard from another vet, Rick, who said his child was sick. He would be […]

Ladies Veterans Trip - December 2015

Ladies Veterans Trip – December 2015

2015 was an interesting year.  The three previous years were pretty much dedicated to work. Whether it was the Foundation, apparel, or production work it all kept my attention. It helped keep me busy and work through my grief. The year 2015 was different. I was getting married! Dave and I had been together since […]

Veterans Reunion Trip 2015

Veterans Reunion Trip 2015

There is much I have to learn about the obstacles Veterans face when they return home.  One would think that things would be easier for them when they return, but this isn’t always the case.  Now, I am not speaking on behalf of every individual who has fought for our country or all the Veterans […]

Veterans Jason, Andrew, Jeremy, and Hipilito's Trip

Veterans Jason, Andrew, Jeremy, and Hipilito’s Trip

Planning of the trip…. Every trip the Foundation plans takes a lot of coordination. Sometimes this works seamlessly, sometimes not so much. For the veterans trip in December some of the dates got mixed up between Captain Mike Weinhoffer (who was originally going to do the trip) our vets, and myself. Needless to say Mike […]