Celebration Series (2013)

The Celebration Series

Spanish Fly: The Celebration is Jose Wejebe’s life story told by his closest and dearest friends around the world.  With humble beginnings as a Florida Keys guide and inspiration from fishing greats such as Stu Apte and Flip Pallot, Jose’s is the classic story of living a dream.  Join us as we go back to some of his favorite locations and spend time on the water with his lifelong bros.  Identifying pivotal milestones in his career and creating new memories as can only be done on the ocean, close friends will tell of Jose’s rich life of adventure and his passion for saltwater sport fishing.  Mentored by the “greats” to eventually become a mentor to many others, we will learn from first hand accounts of how Jose became an ambassador to the Florida Keys. Through his passion, sense of adventure, and culture of conservation he would forever change the game.


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