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  1. Harry Jones
    Harry Jones November 29, 2013 at 5:56 am |

    Jose and I corresponded about his plane, before his death. I was fascinated about his trip from the keys to ambergris Kay. At the time I had a Beechcraft baron and was considering a plane similar to his comp air. Other than the obvious I have been baffled why I have been so affected by his death. I moved to New York City in the 90’s. I discovered Jose’s show then as well. I worked as a stock trader durning the week and had a Grady white on Long Island for the weekends all awhile looking forward to Jose’s show to dream about far away azur waters. Fishing for strippers and flounder on the weekends. Allison and I dived in tavernier and key west in the early 90’s. My wife Allison lost her life on September 11, durning the attacks on the World Trade Center. She and i were 31 at the time. I took my boat to Islamorada for a month after Allison’s death to escape but I thought of her more because I wanted to share my fishing riches with her. Fast forward to present time. I had a charter boat at bud n Mary’s, but it bled me dry. I wanted it to help out with your situationist since it is for sale in stuart it won’t help so I guess I can help out financially. I have re married and have a new family but have not forgot about my past or history for one moment. My present wife volunteers for an organization named there with care and I help out when I can. It providers meals and goods for families that have a child with cancer. I just checked and the last time I corresponded with jose was 3/19/11. It still leaves a hole in my heart when jose departed this planet and what I can assume was that I knew him before my wife Allison left this world. And found solace in Jose’s shows which brought me to a fimilar time. When he left, I felt loss for a man I hardly knew. Sorry for being so long. Providing wishes for kids to enjoy a beautiful place on earth is amazing.
    Harry Jones

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