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Jose was involved with Shimano since the 1980s.  He was as well -versed with a fly rod as he was with spinning, casting and trolling tackle.  This made him a perfect field tester for new products.  He would receive a prototype rod or reel to test and would gleefully go about trying to see how to break it.  He would then submit a detailed report on how the product could be improved. Shimano knew that if Jose beat up on the tackle, whether on the flats or offshore, and it survived, then it was ready to be brought to the market.

Many times through the years Jose hosted Shimano staff on fishing trips to the Keys.  He also traveled to their headquarters in Japan on several occasions. This not only increased the company’s understanding of their product’s performance, but made for some lifetime friendships.

Krissy Wejebe stated:  “In addition to the financial support from Shimano, Dave Pfieffer, President of Shimano North America is also a board member for the Foundation. On a personal level Dave has really helped me in a lot of different ways. He always shares stories, gives advice, and I personally look at him as a mentor on the business side of my introduction to the fishing industry.  I know Dave, or Pfieffy as Jose called him, was a true friend to my father and it makes my heart smile that he is still there for the family, and Foundation.  It means a lot.”

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Jose had a working relationship and many friends at Costa.  In tribute to Wejebe, Costa Sunglasses named a sunglass style after him: “Jose”.  This was his response:

“I’ve been wearing Costa’s sunglasses for years – my work depends on being able to separate fish and targets both in the water and in the air, said Wejebe.  For Costa to name one of its new styles after me is an incredible badge of honor, one I’m proud to wear.”

Costa has been involved with the Foundation on many levels. Krissy Wejebe said:  In addition to the highest sponsorship level, they provide all our fishing trip recipients with product.  I see people from Costa at many different tournaments and fishing functions.  They have treated me like family… I look forward to expanding this relationship to include events planned together.”

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Raymarine, a marine electronics company, and Jose had a business relationship for 10 years. The relationship was like family.  Jose never wanted his show to come across like an info-mercial.  He would often wear the logo of one company while talking about another.  He gave every new product  a very tough field test and provided continuous feedback.  He was a natural spokesperson for Raymarine products at store grand openings.  He would answer questions from the public and wait until the last person in line had their turn.  He would do this even if it meant staying after the event ended.

Jose’s diligence, sincerity and professionalism made him a valuable member of the Raymarine team.

Since Jose’s passing Raymarine has assisted us at the Foundation on many different levels.  Their generosity includes monetary donations, product, and assistance in helping coordinate trips for our Veterans and kids with their prostaff team.   They have even created a “Spanish Fly Package” that donates $100 for each one sold.  It is based off the electronics set up Jose had on his last SeaVee.

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CudaLogoIn hindsight, the partnership between the Cuda brand and the Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation seems inevitable.

The connection began years earlier when General Manager and Vice President of Cuda, Rick Constantine , met Jose Wejebe at the Miami boat show. Rick was a fan of the “Spanish Fly” show and of Jose’s authenticity on and off camera. They clicked instantly in their love of the sport and appreciation of how important the right tools are. Jose’s comments to Rick on how products performed were extremely impactful in the early stages of development of the brand. Jose knew Rick and his father were both fishing captains. This gave Rick the frontline understanding of the product and the decision to have professionals help in ongoing product development was essential.

It seems only fitting that years later that connection continued, but this time with Jose’s daughter Krissy Wejebe. As President of the Foundation, Krissy works with a team of expert fisherman as ambassadors and guides for the fishing trips that the Foundation sponsors. Two of these captains, TJ Ott and Robbie Delph, already were fans of Cuda. TJ is one of the captains from the “Wicked Tuna” TV series and Robbie is a second generation expert Florida Keys guide who grew up around Krissy in the lower Keys. TJ and Robbie gave Krissy Rick’s contact information.

Krissy stated: ” There are some people in your life that you meet and you feel like you’ve known them forever. In January Mitch Pitre invited my husband David Moloney and I to the SHOT Show,(Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade show), in Vegas for me to present an award for best fishing show. Rick Constantine was there as well. We met up at his booth. We started off with a firm handshake, talked a lot about dad, and left with a great hug. You can tell a lot about someone by handshakes and hugs…Rick is great at both. I look forward to working with Cuda as a brand that believes in being the best, the importance of building lasting memories with family and giving back to the community and the environment at the same time.”

“I am so pleased that the Cuda Brand is able to support the Foundation. Through our “Get Together and Fish” initiative Cuda is proud to connect kids and families through fishing. Fishing is a fantastic bonding experience and we hope that our efforts help bring happiness and excitement to all that are touched by the Spanish Fly Foundation,” said Rick Constantine, Vice President and GM for Cuda Brand.

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